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Dr. Domenic Febbraro

I just wish I had known then what I know now…that the body heals from within. A career in Chiropractic has nurtured a profound respect and understanding of our natural healing ability.

My career is rooted in the brief time I spent as a high school wrestler, when I had suffered a neck injury during a weight training session. Even then, I knew intuitively that I had to be put “back-in-place” as I experienced spasms, a “shift” in my posture, and considerable pain. So it made sense to visit a chiropractor, rather than take medication that would have only masked my problem. During the course of an examination and a series of spinal adjustments, I came to recognize that my injury was actually the culmination of past minor, repetitive traumas associated with wrestling and a history of playing baseball. But unexpectedly, as I realized greater strength and flexibility through the course of my care, I experienced something that made a more powerful and lasting impression—I began to notice a significant decrease in the allergies I had suffered from since childhood, and I began to rediscover what it meant to be truly healthy as I continued to receive adjustments even after my injury.

That experience ultimately paved the way to a deeper understanding of the delicate balance between health and sickness. As I became familiar with the principles of Chiropractic as a patient, I soon recognized that they simply followed the principles of natural law, and the body’s amazing ability to adapt to its environment and heal itself. This understanding ultimately shaped my decision to choose a vocation that would empower others to embrace this paradigm and take charge of their health.

My Education

Following graduation from Central Catholic High School in 1988, I attended the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in pre-medical studies through 1992, and went on to attend Life University, School of Chiropractic in Marietta, Georgia, from which I earned a doctorate and graduated with honors in 1996. To this day, the strength of Life’s curriculum lies within its intent to integrate the basic sciences with the principles of Chiropractic. The study focus was, and has always been—on restoring and maintaining health by investigating the cause of disease (dis-ease) in relation to the integrity of the spine and nervous system, lifestyle choices, and our environment—an understanding too often overlooked in today’s health care system.


My education and training continued with a comprehensive post-graduate course of study in Wellness Nutrition Science, a 3 year fellowship through 2007 sponsored by the International Chiropractic Association. My clinical experience is based in structural correction of the spine and lifestyle/nutritional education. Currently however, I am focused on implementing my certification in Koren Specific Technique, an advanced and highly specialized approach to healing on many levels—physical (cranial & spinal correction), chemical, and emotional, and have subsequently witnessed unmatched results regarding our capacity for healing.

My goal is to apply and teach the principles of Chiropractic Wellness in everyday practice, knowing that success is achieved by empowering my patients and community to take responsibility for their health!


Courtney and Julian Febbraro

My Family & Hobbies

I am blessed with a beautiful wife and teacher, Courtney, and three healthy children. I am most passionate about time with my family & friends. But my passion extends to just about anything that involves the outdoors, from hunting & fishing to snow-skiing, trail-running, and even in-line hockey, just to name a few. As my health has always been a priority, I learned some time ago that maintaining an optimal fitness level is best served through the activities I enjoy the most.